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This month’s #QueenOfTheZoo features a Seattle native model and blogger fulfilling the LA dream – to work, live, and play in the city of angels. At a young age, Aiko discovered a heartfelt love for the industry and has taken every measure to pursue her passion. She defines her style as girly chic – pairing timeless accessories with simple, statement pieces.

We got a glimpse of the fierce & sultry side of her on a ZooShoo shoot and it definitely heated things up in the studio! Read on to hear her fashion tips and what she’s up to on the daily.

1.) What is a current fashion trend that you just don’t understand or can’t get onboard with?

There’s one in particular that I can’t get on board with and that’s only because of my body type. Boyfriend jeans- I love them so much, but I’m so petite and I have no curves that when I wear them, they’re not flattering on me! My best friend can pull them off but I can’t. I’ve tried on like 20 of them! They’re literally boyfriend jeans, I wish I could wear them.

2.) Where do you pull your style inspirations from?

These days it’s everywhere- social media, TV, magazines, even when I step outside… I know back then it used to just be magazines but now it’s everywhere I go. Right now, I really look up to @sincerelyjules just because her style is so effortless.

3.) What is your favorite shoe trend at the moment?

Besides wedges, it’s anything with laces on them. Sandals with laces, wedges with laces, pumps with laces, I LOVE the lace trend.

4.) Oh no! You’ve slept through your alarm. What quick outfit do you throw on?

Usually, which is hardly ever, it’s a pair of really tight fitted jeans from PacSun, a t-shirt, and a really tight blazer with a necklace.


5.) What is something you can’t leave the house without? 

Definitely my purse! My purse is like my life because my camera’s in there, my makeup when I’m running late, my phone, everything’s in there! This is my everyday purse, it’s not branded or anything, but it literally fits everything. I used to have this little clutch that I would use, but now that I have this one, I’m like how did I ever fit everything in there!?

6.) Since you’ve been in LA, what are your favorite places so far? 

Lately it’s been the Griffith Observatory and Malibu. I literally go there just to take pictures because it’s so nice and relaxing.

What are your favorite shopping places in the area?

I always go to The Grove when there’s a big clearance. I just bought so many accessories from TopShop this weekend- You guys have to wait til the end of the clearance! I’m always going for inexpensive, good quality items and TopShop is usually where I go. Honestly, I shop at Forever21 a lot too- they’re always on top of the latest trends!

8.)  It’s Friday night, where are we most likely to find you?

Since my bestfriends and a couple of my close friends live here, we usually just go out to dinner. We try to go to the highest-reviewed places on Yelp- So far my favorite places are definitely Korean BBQ places and dry ramen!

9.) How do you describe your personal style?

Girly chic!




Halloween Costume Inspiration: Part 2

booshoo_02There is no better way to spend Halloween than with your girls. It really is like prom night all over again. Here’s a bit of inspiration to make October 31, 2014 the best night with your bestie(s).

DUOS – ’cause you can do better than “Sexy Mario and Sexy Luigi”


SANDY FROM GREASE – No one has to fight over this costume- you both get to be hopelessly devoted in this cheeky interpretation of the classic ingenue. 

Zoo Shoo Exclusives: Cotton Candy top, white Qupid oxford flat, Game Maker skirt, Bow Down ring, Torch crop top, black Bad Sandy jeans, Right Angle belt,  red Delicious pump

Tip: Spend your night at a karaoke bar! Grease tunes are always a crowd-pleaser… and you don’t need a Danny Zuko around!


ROMY AND MICHELE’S HIGH SCHOOL REUNION – You and your bestie dance to your own beat, and people think you guys are weird. But I mean… let’s be honest… this town is so unhip.

Zoo Shoo Exclusives: pink crystal-encrusted pump by Red Kiss, pink Deep Diver dress, Cypress Gem bracelet, Neo Soul necklace, mint Deep Diver dress, pewter Qupid sandals

Tip: Give out your number on post-it notes.


TIFFANY & CO. BOXES – Diamonds are a girls’s best friend. What better way to show off your own best friend?

Zoo Shoo Exclusives: silver Qupid pumps, mint Seaside romper, seafoam green Breckelle’s pump, Fair and Square ring, Jeweled City bracelet, Sugared Snowdrop bracelet, Single Ladies ring

Tip: As an ode to Audrey Hepburn… carry croissants. You’ll literally be “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” and the carbs help with the hangovers.

TRIOS – Charlie’s Angels? So… you’re just… wearing black?


CLUELESS – One of you might not be able to pronounce “Haitian” but it’s all good when you’re rollin’ with the homies.

Zoo Shoo Exclusives: black First Impression blazer, red Hot Like Sriracha dress, Prep School skirt, red Qupid pump, black Soda mary janes, Follow the Leader skirt, red Cookie Cutter sweater, black Qupid mary jane pumps

Tip: Look through the basement for some prehistoric cellphones. If they still work, you can play Snake while you wait for your drinks.


BANG BANG – One is sweet. One is spicy. One is saucy. All three of you are a bit different but there’s no doubt you’ll be B to the A to the N to the G to the uh!

Zoo Shoo Exclusives: Metropolitan jumper, Oyster Club shades, black mesh Qupid pumps, pink lipstick pumps by Red Kiss, white Plato dress, X-Rated ring, Best Night Ever dress, leopard-print Delicious pump

Tip: If you’re Ariana, don’t forget her signature ponytail. If you’re Nicki- get some extra padding to accentuate your look-at-her-butt.


JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS – Throwback to Y2K… when Tara Reid was relevant. The Spice Girls were cool but I mean… we’re rockstars.

Zoo Shoo Exclusives: animal-print Breckelle’s booties, black Daredevil pants, metallic teal Smooth Talker bralette, Tie-Me-Up crop, animal-print Steve Madden sneakers, pale pink Point Place pants (try saying that ten times fast!) Stitch in Time jeans, leopard-print Qupid bootie

Tip: In the movie version, Valerie (Rosario Dawson) plays the bass. In the comics, she plays the tambourine.


Egging to go stag? Check out part one of our BOOSHOO costume inspirations!


Halloween Costume Inspiration: SOLO


I love Halloween! Once a year you get to dress up as wild and crazy as you’d like without judgement. Just kidding. If you write “book” on your face and say that you’re “Facebook,” I’ll judge you for your lack of all hallow’s enthusiasm. I’m very Heidi Klum in the sense that I take this holiday very seriously.

Halloween has landed perfectly on a Friday this year, so that means- NO EXCUSES. Go out and have fun. October has just begun so you have a whole month to come up with a kick@SS costume. We at ZooShoo (or should I say, BooShoo?) will be posting costume guides every week this month to help get your creative juices flowing!

This week, we’re featuring solo costumes!

For a “classic” chick:


AUDREY HEPBURN – 1. Start with vintage cat-eye with an extra-black color. 2. If you don’t have your own tiara, pin a bobby pin a sparkly bracelet around a ballet bun. 3. Retro sunglasses are a must. 4. Choose a classic and simple black heel. 5. Layer yourself in pearls. 6. Pull out your go-to LBD.


MARILYN MONROE – 1. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. 2. Get cheeky in a flowy skirt. Wind not included.  3. Plunge into a vintage inspired bodysuit.4. Use a creamy black liner for her signature beauty mark. 5. Glam up your gams in simple white pumps. 6. Leave a trail of broken hearts in a sultry red lipstick.

For the “funny” flirt:

Steal some hearts (and chuckles) and groovify the goddess of love.
Dress: MUSE Sandals: MELO


Show off your love of animals (as well as idioms).
Bottom: Meow That’s What I Call Leggings Top: Boston Terrier Tank

For the “film” fatale:

ELLE WOODS – 1. Follow your heart to Harvard  2. Don’t forget Bruiser! 3. Think pink when accessorizing, duh. 4. Show off your sorority girl bod in a hot pink dress. 5. Don’t forget to lighten your tresses… or you’ll just be legally _____ 6. Look sleek (and pink) in your serious lawyer pumps. 7. Don’t forget your books – you’re a Harvard law student!

BUMBLEBEE – 1. Block out the explosions in these mega-sunglasses.  2. Spray paint a cardboard box in fluorescent yellow to make robotic panels for your head and shoulders. 3. Show them who’s large and in charge in these crazy sandals. 4. Don’t forget your body armor


There you have it, ladies! You’ve got 29 days left to start constructing a sweet solo costume! Return next week- and we’ll be featuring costumes for you duos and trios!



Happy National Coffee Day!

Mondays are the worst, right?

I like to chant affirmations to motivate myself when I get the Monday blues. Usually things like “Beyoncé doesn’t have a snooze button! GET OUT OF BED.” Or I’ll specifically set “The Circle of Life” as my morning alarm so that I wake up feeling like a lion.

Today I have decided to channel Ariana Grande. I don’t know much about her except for the fact that she sings really high… but she’s kind of an “it” girl right now… and I could use a little bit of her ferocity.

So to channel in my inner Ariana Grande, I will be wearing my Madden Girl “Ariiana” booties and I will order a grande-sized beverage at Starbucks.

Have a great week!


Collipark, Bubba Sparxxx…

Get it ripe, get it right, get it tight

I saw you lookin’ at them booties. Don’t be shy, grab ’em today: