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National Cheeseburger Day!


I’d like a cheeseburger with an extra side of fries. Frye Boots, that is.

It’s National Cheeseburger Day! There’s no better way to celebrate than taking a big chomp out of a big ole’ juicy sammie! In true California fashion, we’re celebrating with Double-Doubles! Though In-N-Out burgers are ridic, we have to admit their fries are in no comparison to these Fryes:


Getting hungry? Feed your fashion appetite at ZooShoo and get a pair of spuds now!


Cut the Crop!


The crop top became a popular trend into the fashion world two years ago- but in similar fashion to the maxi-dress- it’s officially becoming a closet staple over a hype. At first- crop tops seemed to only be meant for itty bitty gals with enviable abs to bare- but now that there are various styles, we believe every girl should be flashing some skin. If worn correctly, crop tops can actually be uber-flattering… so it’s time to cut the crap (or crop) and get ready to let your waist go peek-a-boo!


  1. LONG AND LEAN – Don’t be afraid of prints. Pair a graphic top with long pants to make a head-to-toe statement.
  2. PEAR-SHAPED – Try a white crop that widens your upper body to balance out your lower half.
  3. HOURGLASS – Choosing a top that cuts at your natural waist to make it look super tiny.
  4. ATHLETIC – Your bod is made for crops. Show off your kick@SS figure by sporting a crop that bares some extra skin.
  5. INVERTED TRIANGLE – Go for a halter cut to highlight your shoulders and to make your upper body look smaller.
  6. BUSTY – Tease ‘em with a balconette bustier that is not only ultra-supportive but also very flattering.
  7. PETITE – Choose a crop that cuts has a lifted hem at the center to give the illusion of longer legs.
  8. APPLE-SHAPED – Sport a longer sleeved crop that elongates your arms and pair with a fuller skirt to vamp your shape.

Head over to ZooShoo now to peruse our entire crop top collection!


NYFW: Roundup

New York Fashion Week has officially come and gone. Here is our overall roundup of the week’s events including our model spotlight, hair/makeup trends, and overall predictions for the 2015 fashion year.

Kendall Jenner in Sherri Hill

Model – Kendall Jenner for the win. If there’s anything we’ve learned from this year’s fashion week- it’s that Kendall Jenner is a rising star in the industry and designers are going gaga for her. She made a splash strutting the runway for Sherri Hill and has only been praised for her beauty and professionalism by Tommy Hilfiger.

Top: Alexander Wang, Bottom: Donna Karan

Hair – We’ve been seeing some au natural manes. Stylists have been embracing an “individualistic” attitude towards hair design by forgoing extensions and crazy volume. It’s far from a “Normcore” movement, but we are loving the outdated uniformity and hairy diversity. The only exception would be the “hair lanyard” that made its debut at the Donna Karan show. Get ready to see the hair lanyard make a big DIY splash on Pinterest boards as well as Elsa (from “Frozen”) inspired hairdos this Halloween.

A Détacher

Makeup – Bright eyes. White eyeliner is a big hit- especially with Miley Cyrus sporting some blanche at her appearance at the Jeremy Scott show. It seems like a big trend was to get extra twinkly and have fun with stars. At the Tommy Hilfiger show, ink tattoo-inspired stars were detailed on the models’ face and bodies while over at A Détacher, metallic stickers were adorned all over in clusters.

1. Alice + Olivia 2. Hugo Boss 3. Jeremy Scott 4. Marchesa 5. Narciso Rodriguez

Predictions – White is making a big splash, and it’s been a huge favorite amongst runway shoes as well as street style. Narciso Rodriguez’s line featured beautiful blanches, and Hugo Boss had fun with white in addition to his take on polka dots. Sequins are in and they are becoming a versatile favorite amongst designers with Rodarte’s ethereal mermaid-inspired line as well as Alice + Olivia’s colorful Versailles-inspired collection. Bright colors and mixing is going to remain a hit. Jeremy Scott featured a psychedelic line which made a big splash for festival-lovin’ fashionistas, and a common street style trend has been accessorizing and mixing eclectic pieces from opposite ends of your wardrobe.

Head over to ZooShoo to get a head start on the 2015 trends!


September 16, 2014 - 8:08 AM

Danielle - Kendall Jenner looks AWESOME! Love those dresses by Sherri Hill.

Back to School: Supply List


“Back to School”

It’s a brand new school year- and whether you actually go to school, or you haven’t set foot on a campus for over a decade- here is our 10 must-haves to check off your list!

1. DENIM JACKET – Nothing says classic like denim. Get one in a boyfriend-fit for a relaxed look.
2. KNUCKLE RINGS – They’re dainty and fun. Silence those chunky bangles, and multiply these rings.
3. OXFORD FLATS – They have a refined shape, but many come in cute and flirty cut-outs and crochet.
4. FASHION SNEAKERS – Not just for gym class. Look fly in embellished and mod sneakers.
5. SHIRTDRESS – They’re casual and comfortable- but perfectly polished.
6. BOYFRIEND JEANS – Skinny is overrated. Look tough in a pair with a good amount of wear!
7. RED LIPSTICK – Passing notes can be fun when you seal ‘em with a kiss.
8. BLACK TOTE – It’s a staple. Especially for carrying all those heavy books.
9. HEART-SHAPED SUNGLASSES – You’ll be sure to be voted “High School Sweetheart.”
10. SPORTY KNIT – Loose sweaters are a girl’s favorite. Try one in a sporty look this fall!

Did you check ‘em all off? Visit ZooShoo for all our back-to-school inspired styles!


Summer Lovin’

“Oh, oh those su-ummer nights”

Summer is officially coming to a close, so what better way to enjoy the last bit of sultry weather than at a grand ole’ fair? Give your killer heels a rest, and ask your boyfriend to take you on a classic and fun-filled date to the LA County Fair in Pomona open ’til 9/28.

We took a stroll this past weekend, so here is our low-down of our LACF hits and misses:

Foods to try:

Corn Dog – Order the small. The small corn dog is still the size of two corn dogs combined. It may be the yummiest corn dog, but it’s impossible to finish. Remember “sharing is caring?” Split it with a friend.

Deep-Fried Klondike Bar – There are entire stands dedicated to deep-fried insert a food item here. Reading the menu already seemed to clog our arteries- but we just had to bite the bullet. When in Rome, right? The deep-fried Klondike bar is not only the perfect combination of flavors- the chilly ice cream is a perfect contrast to the warm exterior (and warm weather).

Foods to avoid:

Hot Dogs – One word: messy. If you don’t end up dropping it all over the ground, you’ll sure be doing some weird abstract art all over your face.

Alcohol – Apart from the unnecessarily high prices– a beer buzz is more of an inconvenience at the overly crowded and sticky atmosphere of the place. If you’re going to have a drink- have one. Enjoy one at the end of the night while you cool down under the stars.

Things to do:

Music – The LACF hosts a concert series most nights. Past performers include Neon Trees and this past weekend, we got to see YouTube-famous Pentatonix. Upcoming performances include: Boyz II Men (9/11), Jason Derulo (9/24), Heart (9/26), LL Cool J  with Salt-N-Pepa (9/27)  Click here to see the entire LACF Concert Series lineup!

Ferris Wheel – This is a classic. Take a nighttime ride for twinkly views of the fair grounds. Note: avoid taking selfies. It’ll take forever for you to find the right angle or lighting- and you’ll probably never find it. You might as well enjoy the ride at its fullest.

Things to avoid:

Any game that involves a basketball. Unfortunately the odds are against you.

Prizes. Every girl wants their boy to show their chivalry through a stuffed animal- but the prizes are really not worth it. Who really wants to lug a huge teddy bear around all day in 90-degree weather? Ask for a light-saber instead. They’re stocked in most of the booths. Not only are they fun- you’re sure to never lose your crew while they shine bright like a diamond.

Fashion – Dress fun and dress smart. Avoid dark colors- you’re soaking up extra heat! Wear something light and airy. This is your last chance to wear your cute rompers! Try to leave your crazy jewelry at home- not only is it for safety, but you’ll also prevent some gnarly tan lines. For shoes- sandals are nice, but sneakers are better. Sandals may feel great, but after 2 hours on your feet, you’re going to be begging for some cushier soles. Take a look at our sneaker collection to find fun styles for any wardrobe.

So lace up and head over for the final days at the LA County Fair!

September 14, 2014 - 7:31 PM

Danielle - I’m definitely guilty of selfies on the ferris wheel — you’re right, they’re downright impossible.

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